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Crime Rate In Kiefer

Located almost at the heart of Oklahoma, the town of Kiefer is part of the Creek County with a total land area of 2.36 square miles.

In relation to the entire state, Kiefer is a relatively small town with a population of 1,818 (based on a 2012 Census).

The town has low occurrences of crime. The figures here state that the town holds a strong compliance for rules and the law.

Crimes concerning hate, violence and property are relatively low in this town. And the statistics may also be explained by the fact that the local police costume department are strategically in place to counter any untoward incidences of crime, or programs and platforms are effectively being implemented to stop and run after offenders and criminals and putting them behind bars.

Crime Rate Indexes

Crime rates are not entirely indicators of a location’s collective behavior on crimes or, generally speaking, committing offense. As there are a number of factors considered to measure crime statistics, a crime rate is, in other words, just one element in the whole picture.

Oklahoma, in a report in 2012, recorded a crime index of 1,990.45. The town of Kiefer comprised a small portion of this figure – a rough 461.68. With available records to compare against the state of Oklahoma, the town still has one of the lowest crime rates with the mean average cases of crime that occurred over the last four years. Considering this statistics, the town has a lower crime rate and is in fact one of the lowest in the state and in the national level.

As a matter of fact, the list of crimes listed in Kiefer is significantly lower in the entire state and ranks as number 24 in terms of crime incidences in the national level. Crime indexes are calculated based on crime algorithms from data collected. This means that the higher the crime index the town has, the higher the crime occurrences are.

No Case of Murder and Manslaughter

Specifically, there is a significant decrease in violent crimes over the last four years.

Based on the current records of the Kiefer Police Department, only four violent crimes happened in 2012. This was a slight decrease in 2011 when only two violent crime incidences were reported.

In 2008, there were five violent crimes that occurred in Kiefer. There was no murder, forcible rape and manslaughter case in Kiefer. From 2008 to 2012, no such crime has actually occurred. And this says something about the town’s low tolerance for violence or brutality. There was one case of arson in 2008, but none occurred after that year and until 2012.

Furthermore, there were no cases of robbery in the town. Burglary, however, rose by sixty percent with six cases in 2012. Six cases of aggravated assault were reported in the same year – an increase of 50% from 2011. In 2008, there were five cases.

Property crimes increased in 2012 with 11 cases; the previous year, there were only six cases. Property crimes are those that include, among others, the following: theft, motor vehicle theft, robbery, larceny, shoplifting and vandalism.

What is significant to mention is that there is also no case of hate crimes in Kiefer. The state of Oklahoma, during the year 2012, reported a crime index of 15, and it is lower compared to other states actually.

History of Kiefer

Kiefer is a small town (population: 1,818 as of 2012 Census, with median household income of $54,333 in the same year) in the eastern and central part of Creek County, Oklahoma, right between State Highway 67 and Alternate US Highway 75.

It is nearest to the town of Sapulpa, approximately six miles.

A Brief History of Kiefer

This county, whose original name was Praper, became an oil-boom town in the 1906 when the Glenn Pool field was developed in the previous year. Prior to oil-rigging activities in this area, the town had some few buildings and establishment. In fact, the local post office was established on June 26, 1901.

It was also during this time that the construction of a railway system by the St. Louis, Oklahoma and Southern Railway (which was later known as St. Louis and San Francisco Railway) was made, connecting the town through a line south of Sapulpa. By 1906, this small town became a convenient transport point for bringing crude from the Glenn Pool field into the industrial refineries of Texas.

The name Kiefer came to be known with some conflicting stories as to how it really originated. There were many locals who said that the name was made in honor of Smith Kiefer, a resident of the town.

Another source tells of some stories that the name was taken from the last name of some Creek allotees who had their lands leased for the oil drilling ventures. Some other sources claim that the name was in honor of yet another local resident, John Kiefer. Whatever the real story is, the town came to be known as Kiefer when the post office was redesigned in 1906.

Kiefer Post Office

The Kiefer Post Office is located on 417 E Indiana, Kiefer, OK 74041. You can see the office hours and contact details here.

The town favored incorporation in November 1908 following a majority of votes from the residents. It eventually ushered in more development and investments for the town. By 1909, the population had grown to about two thousand. There were various businesses, a weekly newspaper, and two banks were in full operation. A number of religious denominations were also established from 1908 to 1912. A few of these sects and organizations were the Methodist-Episcopal, Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), the Woodmen’s Circle, the Royal Neighbors and the Woodmen of the World. There were also Christian churches as well as the St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

The educational system, meanwhile, was improved in 1915. By this time there were already four school buildings and twenty-three school teachers.

Oil Industry in Kiefer

On the other hand, the crude extraction has become a thriving industry in the area. So much was the expansion of the oil activities in Kiefer that Midland Valley Railroad established a line connecting the town to Glenn Pool. This was followed by another railway construction by Oklahoma Union Railway which connected the towns of Kiefer, Sapulpa and Mounds in 1924. An assortment of other establishments was also constructed in town to help augment needs for building construction and oil operations.

However, the Great Depression that struck the US created such a big blow to the industry of oil in Kiefer. Decline in production hit low, prompting many oil companies to lay off workers and shut down operations. The once booming oil industry in Kiefer, which started in 1906, eventually came to a final halt with the closure of Warren Petroleum Gasoline Plant in 1964.

The Kiefer Police Department

The town had a similar reputation to Cromwell in the earlier period. This was largely due to the fact that there was a Bowery section in Kiefer which contributed to it becoming seemingly like a lawless community.

Thanks to the services provided by the local police department. Of course, there were a lot of transitions that occurred from 1910 until today. Only a few crimes are reported in a span of time.

At present there are four paid police officers while ten others are in the reserved force. Currently, Johnny O’Mara serves as the chief of police in the Kiefer Police Department after Johnny Matthews resigned in December 30, 2013.

Police Themed Gear and Accessories

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Police gear and equipment

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Police gear and equipment is not just for law enforcement professionals. Many people are interested in these products for personal safety, such as individuals who frequently hike or camp in remote areas, or those who live in high-crime areas. Additionally, hobbyists and collectors may be interested in police gear and equipment as part of their collections.

Law enforcement apparel

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Law enforcement professionals at all levels, from new recruits to seasoned veterans, may be interested in training and education materials. Additionally, people who are interested in law enforcement as a career or as a hobby may also be interested in these products.

Police-Themed Movies and TV Shows

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Some popular police-themed movies and TV shows include “Law and Order,” “The Shield,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” These shows often portray the complex nature of law enforcement work, including the pressure to make quick decisions in high-stress situations, the need for teamwork and communication, and the challenges of balancing personal and professional life.

Police Dog Supplies

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K9 vests are particularly important for police dogs, as they provide protection from bullets, knives, and other threats that they may encounter in the line of duty. Training collars can be used to train police dogs in a variety of tasks, including tracking, searching, and apprehending suspects.

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In this article, we have explored 18 different police-themed product categories, from police-themed movies and TV shows to police tactical knives and tools. We have discussed the most important aspects of each category, including who would be interested in them and the types of products available.

For example, police dog supplies such as K9 vests and dog treats are essential for the brave K9 units that work alongside police officers. Crime scene investigation kits, including fingerprinting kits and DNA testing kits, are crucial for collecting evidence and solving crimes. And police tactical knives and tools are essential for officers in the field, providing them with the necessary tools to do their job.

Whether you are a police officer, a collector, or just interested in law enforcement, there are many police-themed products available for you. From jewelry and home decor to fitness equipment and tactical gear, there is something for everyone. These products not only allow us to show our appreciation for the hard work of our police officers but also provide us with a glimpse into the world of law enforcement.

How To Borrow Men’s Policeman Costume For Halloween?

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking to dress up as a policeman, you may be wondering how to borrow a men’s policeman costume without breaking the bank. Whether you’re on a budget or just don’t want to invest in a costume you may only wear once, borrowing a costume can be a great option. In this article, we’ll explore some options for borrowing a men’s policeman costume and police gear and provide tips for making the process as smooth as possible.

Research Options for Borrowing a Costume

The first step in borrowing a men’s policeman costume is to research your options. One option is to check with local costume rental stores. Many of these stores carry a wide variety of costumes, including men’s policeman costumes, that you can rent for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one.

Another option is to check with friends or family members to see if they have a costume to lend or borrow. You may be surprised to find that someone you know already has a costume that would be perfect for your needs.

Lastly, check online marketplaces or social media groups for costume rentals or loans. These sites can be a great resource for finding costumes that are available for rent or loan.

Prepare for the Rental or Borrowing Process

Once you’ve found a costume that you’re interested in renting or borrowing, the next step is to prepare for the process. It is important to have your measurements and size requirements for the costume handy, as this will help ensure that you get a costume that fits properly.

Additionally, determine rental or borrowing fees and any deposit requirements before making a reservation or arrangement. Make sure that you understand the terms of the rental or loan agreement and that you are comfortable with the fees and deposit required.

Pick up and Try on the Costume

When you go to pick up the costume, inspect it for any damage or wear before taking it. Make sure that everything is in good condition and that all of the pieces are included. Once you have the costume, try it on to ensure a proper fit.

If any alterations or adjustments need to be made, do them before you leave the rental or lending source.

Care and Maintenance of the Costume During Halloween

Once you have the costume, it’s important to take care of it during Halloween. Follow any care instructions provided by the costume rental or lending source. Avoid any activities that may damage or dirty the costume.

Return the costume in good condition. If the costume is returned in a damaged or dirty condition, you may be charged a fee or lose your deposit.


Borrowing a men’s policeman costume for Halloween can be a great way to save money while still looking great on Halloween night. By researching your options, preparing for the rental or borrowing process, trying on the costume, and taking good care of it during Halloween, you can ensure that your experience is a positive one.

Remember to plan ahead and be respectful of the costume during the rental or borrowing process. With a little bit of preparation, you can have a great Halloween costume without breaking the bank.